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Soulfire Sessions

Every abundant thing you want to hold your hand, to see with your own eyes, and feel in your heart can be yours. You are worthy of it. 

I was right where you are right now. Ready to give up.  I literally fell to my knees in tears begging for someone to help me.  I just needed to know the way.  How? What am I supposed to do?  And in the darkness when all of my hope had faded away I heard a voice say “Don’t give up.”  I felt a wave of love wash over me and for that moment I felt safe.  I asked to be shown what it was that I needed to learn and do so that I could change my life.  I was ready.  And so are you. You can do this.  I believe in you.

Stand in your own power and speak your truth.

Start living your life more abundantly.

One-on-One Sessions

As a certified Reiki Master Teacher, and Essence healer, creator of Soulfire, intuitive guide and warrior healer, I will show you from my experiences, teachings and guidance how to navigate life intentionally, create your life through energy and visualization and become the person you want to be.  I am a certified coach, practitioner and teacher and through our work together we will uncover your purpose, plan for your present and future and fill your life with more happiness and fulfillment.  I want to help, but first I would love to get to know who you are and to see if we are a good fit to work together.  One time only you can get one session with me for free.  No selling.  Just a session.  And if you want to work with me full time we can go from there.  So book your session now and let’s chat. 

Long-term support

Full scale healing and spiritual guidance, Soulfire is what you have been searching for. It takes time to move through and process changes to your mindset, habits and your past.  You need time to heal.  What I offer is long-term support that can take you to the next level in your life if you are willing, able and ready to do the work.  It won’t always be pretty, but it is worth it. Unlock all the abundance, love, success, adventure, happiness, fame and healing that is available for you.

Aligned Guidance

Not all guidance is the same, but because I am an intuitive, we can call in support from the Divine to assist you in calling back your power, energy, and magic.  This is the work of a coach, healer and support system all wrapped up into one.  You will not go through this alone.  I will be there with you during this process to show you the way.  

Schedule your session today!

You are ready to dive into the heavy work.  Committed to do all that is necessary to change your life.  To live like you never have and be all that you can be.  Schedule your session below and let’s get started. Each session includes an energy session and reading along with guidance for your next steps. For multiple sessions or a Soulfire Journey Package please email me here