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Soulfire Reiki Group Course

The art of using Universal Life Force to heal and discover the gifts hidden within you.

Be Healed

Soulfire Reiki clears the negativity and toxicity and aligns your energy. Look and feel rejuvenated while igniting a fire within you no one can extinguish, not your parents, not your boss…no one

Become Free

Soulfire Reiki heals what holds you back from obtaining and keeping what you long for. Enhance your life in ways you thought only applied to the movies, and learn what gifts you have to help you along the way.

Become Connected

Soulfire Reiki helps you live with guidance, trust and knowledge that you are supported and loved unconditionally. It lifts the veil that keeps you from seeing your true Divine nature.

Why Choose Reiki?

Reiki is not just a healing modality.  It is a way of enhancing and invigorating you life.  Use it to boost the frequency and vibes in your home, your food and your life.  Reiki is limitless to what you can use it for.  The only limits are those you set.  If you are looking to learn Reiki, build a community of healers like yourself and connect with other like-minded people in a sacred space created with you in mind, this is the course for you. Join us for only $22 a month! 

Master Teacher Level

One-on-One Monthly for questions, a detailed reading, extended lessons Live Q&A and more

Master Teacher Training

36 Lessons

Facebook Group Access where you will practice giving sessions, teachings of your own and mentor other students.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Reiki?

Reiki is Universal Life Force.  It is abundant everywhere on the planet and is healing through this energy that comes from Source

How is Reiki taught online?

Reiki is taught through textbook and video mainly.  Learning the principles and techniques is self-taught on the fundamentals.  I add another level to my trainings and hold video teaching sessions where my students can ask questions and get a face to face personal class with me upon request. 

What is the difference between the levels?

The first level teaches the fundamentals so that you gain basic knowledge on what Reiki is and how to use it in your daily life.  Reiki second level trains you on how to treat others and send distance healings all around the world. Master Teacher Level Reiki is the master level where you learn to become a teacher and the techniques of attuning others to Reiki energy.

What material will be used for learning?

Classes are taught using three printable manuals. Students will also receive a two hand position guides to use when performing Reiki on themselves and others.

What is the purpose of the Facebook group?

The group gives my students a place where they can gather information, connect and grow with each other during their time as students.  And once they graduate they can be mentors and leaders for new students as they begin their journey’s into Reiki healing. I will also share tips and techniques in the group that were helpful while I was a student and beyond.