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 Jewelry Making Apprenticeship

For more years than almost anyone knows I have been wanting to make jewelry.  I started with clay and string and so much more and failed miserably.  I thought that I just didn’t have the skill.  I kept trying over the years and found that I couldn’t see as well as I needed to and once going to the eye doctor received my reading glasses.  But I jump right into learning to make jewelry because I really thought that it was over for that dream.  Until I met a friend on Facebook that makes jewelry.  I asked for her guidance and she sent me to an amazing group of jewelry designers and YouTube.  That is how I learned.  Every day I practiced and here I am today with my own jewelry line and I make some really amazing pieces.  I want to share what I know with others who are like me.  Who want to learn to do what I do and are willing to do the work.


Each piece I create is infused with my healing modality called Soulfire.  It was born out of my journey with Reiki and has not only changed my life but has changed the lives of my clients, friends and family as I share my gift with the world. This is my gift to you for signing up now you.

The apprenticeship and my Reiki course bundled into one. 

The cost of the class is $600 (payment plans available)

The class includes:

  • A Facebook group where you can connect with others

  • Live Q&A sessions

  • Video and Live Classes

  • Reiki Course for free

  • Lifetime membership in the group

What you will need:

  • Tools 

  • Wire

  • Crystals, beads and/or cabachons

  • Time to practice

  • A willingness to learn

****You are responsible for buying your own materials for the class.****
I will give my recommendations with links on where to find these items before the course starts. 

I will teach the elements from the pieces below

Class Starts When We have 5 students at least!