Flowing Waves


This piece was cold formed, hammered, polished and sealed by hand.  It measures approx 3″x4″ on a 18″ faux leather necklace.


My love for working with sheet metal started with a friend gifting me a large piece and saying do what you will with this.  It has been an awesome gift.  Metal is an element that is strong and holds its shape and at the same time can be bent, folded and molded into something totally brand new.  This is the same for us.  We are stubborn, strong will and determined to avoid change but with being bent, folded and molded, we can truly step into our divine power and live a life that is full, loving and blissful.  This piece was created to remind you to go with this flow.  To allow yourself to be molded into something more beautiful and amazing than you could imagine and to own the power within you.  Let the change happen.  And your life will change with it.

Additional information

Weight9 oz
Dimensions6 × 4 × 1 in


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