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About Soulfire Tracey

About Me

Soulfire Tracey

Healer & Alchemist

I come from a small city in North Carolina but always had big dreams of helping the world.  From art to mysticism I have always been intrigued by the stars, the universe and the magic I saw all around me.  I am an avid gamer and love painting, sketching and making old things new again.

8 years ago I quit my job, became a Reiki master teacher and began to search for my purpose.  6 years ago I moved to Florida and here I have blossomed and grown past my wildest dreams.  I was able to bring my entire family here, stopped relying on Section 8 for my housing and moved to a beautiful house in a great community.  All by reprogramming my mind, changing a few habits and mindset, energy work with my coach and manifesting. 

I now run my own businesses, coaching others to do what I did and creating beautiful websites and admin work.   I found my path to personal freedom, my power and strength and how to find the answers I need.  You can too! 

  • REiki
  • Spiritual Mentorship
  • Energy Infused Jewelry





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