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Spring Equinox a time for blossoming and greeting the sun with renewed energy.  A time for planting seeds that you want to grow.   A time to play in the sun and get out and live!  The equinox is a major powerful event that we can use to manifest our desires and to fill ourselves with love.  It is a time to give to ourselves and our businesses so that we can rejuvenate our energy from the cold winter.  The time for hibernating is over and it is now time to plant our seeds of growth, play and live.  This ritual box brings the sun and fertilizes the seeds that you want to grow. 

The included ritual card lays out the details of a simple intimate ritual.  You will have all the basic items you need to complete this ritual as well.  Add to it if you like or use it as is.  I will reveal the contents once the boxes are ready to ship out and give some teasers along the way.  But until then I will be prepping and guarding the contents of this box so that this ritual remains sacred.

So if you are  too busy to keep up with the timing, supplies and research of how to do your own ritual this box is for you. The shopping, research and scheduling can be a bit much! I am fixing that and will be doing most of the work for you. 

Crystals, blessed oils and herbs, candles, smudge sticks and more are examples of what will be sent in your box. Each one themed appropriately for the ritual that you will receive. Along with details on set up and how to perform your ritual.

All you have to do is unbox and ritual.

Plus…..the ritual includes a clearing, healing or activation.

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